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Constituent Lodges By District

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Constituent Lodges
RW Robert Taylor

RW Randolph Smith 
2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th districts

RW Jeffery Mullen
1st, 3rd, 6th, 11th, and 16th districts

RW James Lundy 
7th district 

RW Robert Perry 
8th district

RW Rouse B. Payne (Korea)

RW Lee Douglas, Jr. (Baltimore)

RW Robert H. Taylor (NC)

RW Maurice A. Thorpe (IL)

RW Danny West (GA)

RW Reggie Brown (TX)

RW William Sayles (FL)
District No. 1 -  Baltimore City
District No. 2 -  Carroll, Frederick, Montgomery, & 
                           Washington Counties
District No. 3 -  Baltimore City
District No. 4 -  Prince George's, Charles County
District No. 5 -  Calvert & St. Mary's Counties
District No. 6 -  Harford County
District No. 7 -  Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot,
                          Queen Annes & Kent Counties
District No. 8 -  Wicomico, Worcester & Somerset
District No. 10 - Anne Arundel County
District No. 11 - Baltimore City
District No. 12 - Europe
District No. 13 - England
District No. 14 - Italy
District No. 16 - Baltimore City
District No. 17 - Middle East
DDGM's at Large